There are many old properties around that just need a little bit of TLC to bring them back to their former glory – but property renovations and building restorations can be hard work, especially if you don't have the right experience and equipment.

We love working on property renovation projects – there's something very satisfying about seeing everything come together and leaving our client with a smile on their face.

Some property renovations are just a case of some basic home improvements, stripping back the layers of wallpaper and paint, sanding down some skirting boards, maybe replacing some doors. However, building and renovation work often comes on a larger scale, creating an even bigger need for professional help to breathe life back into the four walls.

  Download our Extension Checklist
Are you thinking of adding an extension but don't know where to start? Our 'Extension checklist' gives you lots of helpful tips to ensure you make the right choices for your home.

So whether you require a small general repair or a complete room overhaul, we are confident we have the skills and knowledge to help you achieve your goal.

Common requests include:

  • Creating open plan living spaces through wall removal or alteration
  • Sub-division of rooms
  • New window and door openings